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Someone once said if you build it,

 they will come...


At Your Life Rocks, 

we believe if you think it,

 it will come


Use the vibrational frequency of  gratitude and appreciation to add more to your life

Today's Blessings


In today’s busy world, do you take time to give thanks for what you have? Show appreciation for the blessings in your life? Do you do it daily? Weekly? Or just when tragedy strikes, and you are forcibly reminded to be grateful? Maybe you mean to express appreciation, but by the time you fall into bed the day is done and you say to yourself, “I will do it tomorrow”. Why not have an eye-catching reminder to take those few minutes for yourself? Something beautiful to display, and yet useful too. Raise your vibration with crystals, give thanks and bring blessings into your life.


Gratitude and Blessing Rocks

Rock Talk

Get your rocks for less!

I've got my rocks, now what?


There are many ways that you can use your Life Rocks. The following are suggestions to get you started, they are not rules to follow and should be adjusted according to your individual feelings and comfort level. Do what feels right for you.

When we use the word gratitude in any of our discussions on the website we are also referring to giving thanks, being appreciative and acknowledging what we have. All of these emotions should come from the brain as well as the heart. When we  synchronize the energy in our brains with our hearts amazing things can happen!


Getting started

Hold a gratitude rock in one hand and pick out a blessing rock. Reflect on what that particular blessing means to you. Gratitude has a high vibrational frequency, and when we express gratitude, we bring more of that for which we are grateful into our lives.

For example, you pick up a blessing rock labelled health, in your mind and heart be grateful for the health that you have (someone is always worse off than you are) feel perfect health throughout your body right down to your cells. Studies at HeartMath Institute in California have shown that having a feeling of love, gratitude and appreciation in your heart can improve immune function up to 300% and this effect can last up to 6 hours!

The important thing to remember when you are using your Life Rocks is to feel gratitude and appreciation for your chosen blessing as if you already have it in that moment, and know with your whole being it is there for you. 


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